Baiba Kaulina
Professional emotional support
for new parents
certified lactation consultant
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I am happy to see you here !

My name is Baiba Kaulina. In my personal life I am a wife and also a mom to 3 beautiful kids .

I also do professional emotional support for families with young children (birth to 3years) , mostly they are moms . In addition to that I am also a lactation consultant. So adding all together - I love to be a postpartum support, but also beyond that time of parenting!

Once I was myself a young parent - an expat parent in multinational city , in Brussels, Belgium. It felt so great to be a new mom all alone during the working day with our little one until it slowly got quite lonely and even very sad at times. I somehow tried to figure out this mom thing through books and youtube channels and whatnot. 

Then I heard that there are special ladies in my home country - PEP mammas, first emotional help consultants who support parents, mostly moms emotionally - they listen, support and help you yourself see what is your sucess and, if neccessary and you ask for it , pass the information given your situation. I loved that. If I am honest - I still waited a couple months to “allow” myself to ask for help, I ever wrote an email to a friend in similar situation  in another country somehow as if asking to jundge my situation and “allow” me to contact the consultant. It really took some months, hours and energy wasted to doubt of being eligible for the help.

 So - I really have been there - judging myself  - am I just going crazy and making up this mom thing being too hard and myself being lazy. Now I know that I just needed more  daily emotional support and even for my introvert self - I did needed adult (other understanding mom) company! 

And the other side of this.. I still felt how I felt.. but I often found myself being in the situation (actually I remember this since my childhood) where I listen more than I talk. Or I listen and I am asked for an advice in the matter of the topic discussed. It was a long time I took it for granted and nothing special. Until I discovered that there is actually value in this. People crave to be listened to, to be heard and seen. I knew how it feels to crave and to be heard. I thought it was just a thing between me and my friends, but also random strangers started to compliment me for my listening skills so I started to value it in myself.  

So as soon as we moved back to Latvia I joined the special training intended for new parent emotional support consultants - PEP mammas. It was good 3 years and included pretty concise knowledge on safe consultation techniques, womens postpartum psychology, child development psychology based on newest studies, crisis or situations of loss of a child and so much more.

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